Now you have two ways to hook up to the EasyProf® experience:

  • Annual rent mode (SaaS): enjoy Easyprof® for a year at a very special price. During the rental you have access to technical support and updates, including new versions of the application. After one year you can renew the leasing, buy the product or stop using the application.
  • Sale mode: enjoy Easyprof® as you have been doing so far. The license includes one year of technical support and all version upgrades. After one year, you can continue using the tool, and if you wish to renew our maintenance contract paying a 15% annual fee, you’ll keep enjoying our technical support and version upgrades.

EasyProf® is available alone or with different complements:

  • EasyProf® Translator Tool
  • EasyProf® Formula Editor.
  • EasyProf® PDF Publisher

You can purchase and download one or more EasyProf® licenses and complements on this page. Please choose the best option according to your needs.

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