Can I create self-assessed exercises with EasyProf?
Of course. EasyProf features a powerful test manager that allows self-assessed and interactive questionnaires and exercises. You can find the following types of exercises:
  • True/False
  • Multiple choice
  • Multiple response
  • Essay
  • Fill in the blank
  • Drag & Drop
The teacher can assign different values to each option, customize the feedback according to the answers provided or perform a complete tracking of the students' activity.
Our team is formed by several editors. Can we all work simultaneously on a same project?
Yes. EasyProf standard version is single user and is designed so that only one person can work on a project. However, the Multiedition version allows teams, as large as needed, to work together simultaneously on the same project. You only need to install EasyProf Multiedition Server in a server (it works both online and in local networks) and EasyProf Multiedition Plugin in each of the computers with a license and that are going to be connected to share the project.
Can I use EasyProf without having an LMS platform?
Of course. EasyProf generates standard HTML content that can be used on the Internet or any intranet without requiring any specific platform. You can also generate executable content to be displayed from a CD-ROM or a flash memory card. Furthermore, EasyProf has its own monitoring system so you can receive information on the progress of your students even more detailed than the one provided by SCORM.
What is SCORM? Is EasyProf SCORM compliant?
SCORM is a standard system of digital content generation aimed to make compatible all generated content with multiple LMS platforms. It allows data exchange with the platform, as the number of visited pages or the test results. EasyProf is fully SCORM compliant for versions 1.2 and 2004, so it communicates smoothly with all market leading platforms.
What kind of files can I play with EasyProf?
EasyProf can play any format that is supported by the browser of the device from which you access the content. Many different file types can be used, for images (jpg, gif, png), for audio (mp3, wav, wma, etc.) and for video (avi, mpeg, mp4, flv, etc.), as well as flash (flash files can not be played in iOS devices). In addition, you can use multiple video formats adapted to old and new browsers and EasyProf itself will select the correct format at all times. Since the last version EasyProf permits HTML5 files import.
Can I see the content generated with EasyProf on my tablet or Smartphone?
Of course, EasyProf generated content is compatible with the latest browsers, including tablets and smartphones using languages such as iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Furthermore, those content are responsive and the editor can adapt them to the different formats and sizes of the mobile devices.
Where can I see the content generated with EasyProf?
EasyProf generates three different formats of content:
  • HTML, visible on any web browser
  • Autorun content, visible on any Windows system
  • HTML SCORM, to be displayed on any platform LMS compliant or virtual campus
Do I need programming skills to use EasyProf?
No, you don't. EasyProf has an intuitive visual interface that allows you to perform complex interactions without having to learn any programming language. Simply place any content on the editor and with only four mouse clicks you can give your content the desired interactivi
What can I do with EasyProf?
EasyProf allows you to create any type of interactive multimedia content. It is specially designed to develop e-learning courses, but also is useful to create business presentations, self-assessed questionnaires, interactive exercises, integration plans ... in short, allows presenting in an attractive way and using an interactive digital media any knowledge the author wants to display.
What is EasyProf?
EasyProf is a multimedia authoring tool: a software that helps you to create interactive digital content in a simple and intuitive way.


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